Summer Programing

Get ready for the best summer ever!

Registration now open!

We are excited to announce that our summer program will start on June 27 for a summer full of creativity and fun! Our summer program is an 8 week long program from the week of 6/27 to 8/18.

Our payment policy is all payments must be paid by or on the first day your child(ren) attend program. If not, entrance will not be allowed, and you may lose your spot for that session. To register, stop by the club to pick up a packet!

First Child:

  • $75 per week

Every additional child:

  • $60 per week

Some of our summer programs include:

Summer Brain Gain

Summer Brain Gain is a hands-on, minds-on, project-based program designed for summer in the Club. Activities encourage youth to fall in love with learning by engaging them in unique educational experiences that spark curiosity, allow them to explore their interests, and create opportunities.

Ultimate Journey

Ultimate Journey is one of BGCA’s legacy programs and is BGCA’s primary environmental education program. Created in partnership with the National Park Service, it is a hands-on STEM curriculum, designed for ages 6-13 and totally revamped for the 21st century. Ultimate Journey introduce young people to aspects of environmental stewardship, and meet the need of youth from urban, rural, and native settings. Club Members will do deep thought work about their communities, homes, and environment and the impact they can have in creating a more sustainable future. This program is designed to last for six weeks with one to two activities per week.

Gardening – Spring & Summer

Through hands-on instruction, our club members are taught the basics of planning and maintaining a garden in various areas, healthy eating habits and develop compassion for nature. Club members ages 6 to 13 will work together to implement and support a health-conscious community by producing organic food and the working harmoniously with nature in their respective neighborhoods. This program will also work towards combating unequal distribution of green and healthy foods by preparing our members with the skills to be resourceful with their space and by passing along their knowledge to family members and friends. This program is designed to last for six weeks with one to two activities per week.