"I want you all to know how much I appreciate how wonderful you have been since we moved here in April. I was so unsure about how it was going to go with her in a new town. She loves being part of the torch club like the bake sale and she is looking forward to writing letters to homeless people. I told her she might not be able to go today because of her band concert and she insisted she had to be there for the writing of these letters so we managed to figure it all out, but she loves this. Choosing her as the student of the month also meant so much to her she was so excited and I know from experience hearing how well you are doing and nice things makes such a huge impact. This award was something small but meant so much. Its great to send her to a place after school where I know she is safe and there are people who genuinely seem to care. I just wanted you to know I appreciate all of you and think what you are doing is great."

-Parent / 2018

"Had very few issues and the staff there are amazing. There was nothing there to dislike this school year."

-Member / 2018

"Amazing, this place is child-focused, they work on team building and showing children how to have good self-esteem and try new things! Overall amazing!"

-Parent / 2018

"My son had some issues at the beginning, but with new things lined up to improve, he is having so much fun. Hasn't been up to behind the desk bugging those working behind it anymore when I go to pick him up. Great job everyone there!"

-Parent / 2018

"When I first started, the facility lacked organization and structure, we weren’t implementing nearly any of our core programs and some of the staff were even unaware of certain protocols. Since then we have implemented structure, programming, and procedural training's to ensure we are acting in the safest and smartest ways. This becomes especially important when you add 100-200 kids ages 6-12 to the mix."

-Staff Member / 2018

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