Who runs the club?!?!? Girls...

Growing up as the only boy in the family for many years, I quickly realized that I would need to articulate my thoughts very precisely and as effectively as possible. I was also taught the importance of chivalry (which is not dead) and a quote that still remains true today: "Behind every successful man, a great woman is behind him". In this case the three women in the photo are right in front and they are individuals who are responsible for all of the success of Summer Camp 2017. While planning may have been completed after April Vacation in my office after a few pots of coffee with our CEO, the day in day out success goes to them.

Lily Curtis oversees all aspects of Career Launch program in collaboration with YouthWorks initiative. This means she has successfully placed nearly 25 deserving committed teenagers in their first positions/jobs with local partners (Mapfre, Lighthouse Printworks and the Boys & Clubs). She also holds weekly meeting with the Jr. Staff on professional development, educational goals, and continued opportunities beyond the summer program.

Sam Miller runs the day-to-day operations and logistics of Summer Camp, from discipline all the way down to "why do we have so many mustard packets after lunch?" At the beginning of the summer Sam

created staff schedules, made extensive plans, and assisted in training goals for the staff. She has done a tremendous job working with all of our parents and managing staff expectations throughout the summer program.

Sam Johnson also has done a fantastic job in stepping into a new leadership role. Filling in as Sam Miller's right hand, they both work tremendously well and Sam always has a smile on her face. She has a incredible gift of working with kids in the club and her calming presence has been especially needed with the growth in membership and new/different programs offered this summer.

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