Since the Boys and Girls Club of Webster-Dudley first opened our doors in 1958, we have had the privilege of serving thousands of young people in the area. 

However, throughout the years, we have unfortunately  lost touch with some of those who grew up at the club, making it what it is today. 

In an effort to revive our childhood and inspire our current club kids, the boys and girls club of webster-dudey is looking to change that!

So many of our former members have grown into successful and influential adults and we are lucky enough to have many still residing nearby.


As a former club kid, you're always welcome in the Boys and Girls Club of Webster-Dudley community. for that reason, we are extending the opportunity to become a part of our Alumni Network to reconnect with our other former club kids, receive updates about what we have going on here, and discover how you can help make a difference for the next generation of boys and girls club of webster-dudley youth!


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